Adipic Acid Suppliers

Specification: Purity: 98% 25KG/BAG,1000KG/BAG

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High-Quality Adipic Acid Suppliers in China

Suzhou Gould Trading came into existence in 2014 in Suzhou, China. We manufacture a variety of products including tetrahydrofuran, adipic acid, polyvinyl alcohol, trimethylolpropane, 2-Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate, methacrylic acid, acrylic acid, Ortho Diaminotoluene, Ethylhexyl acrylate, and fumed silica. 

Our company has years of experience in development, production, supply chain, and marketing, which becomes a huge help to our customers. We focus on and value each of our customers’ requests. We strive every day to make it more efficient and convenient for you to trade. This is why customers from around the world find us credible among other adipic acid suppliers in China. 

Why Select Us Among Other Adipic Acid Suppliers?

You will most certainly see that most companies that use industrial petrochemical processes to make adipic acid by utilizing KA oil that is catalyzed by nitric acid, end up polluting the environment. Because of the formation of nitrous oxide waste, the environment becomes seriously polluted. But here at Suzhou Gould Trading, we use cleaner methods to produce adipic acid. And this has distinguished us from other adipic acid suppliers in academia and industry. 

Benefits of Adipic Acid

Companies from the industry buy our adipic acid to produce nylon 6,6, polyurethane resins, shoe soles, foam, food additives, etc. This nylon is utilized in food packaging, fibbers, filaments, clothing, and plastics. We are among the top-quality and well-known polyvinyl alcohol suppliers in China. 

All our products are of the finest quality so our customers can distinguish themselves from their competitors. Our adipic acid is even popular in the food industry as gelling aid and a flavoring for items such as jello. 

Adipic Acid FAQs

How does adipic acid contribute to medicinal use?

The pharmaceutical and medicinal industries purchase the adipic acid we produce, so they can put it in different drug tablets. This helps in controlling the release of basic drugs and acidic compounds