Specification: Purity: 99.5% 10KG/BAG

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High-Quality FUMED SILICA Suppliers in China

Suzhou Gould Trading was established as a chemical-producing company in Suzhou, China in 2014. We have several years of experience in the supply chain, strong development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of the chemical industry. You will not find such good-quality chemical products in this competitive pricing range. We are one of the well-known FUMED SILICA suppliers in China. Our main chemical products cover ACRYLIC ACID, 2-ETHYL HEXYL ACRYLATE, N-BUTYL ACRYLATE, and so on.

Fumed silica avoids caking in powdered foods, thickens milkshakes, and thickens liquids in general. Serves the same purpose as silica gel as a desiccant. It is used in cosmetics because of its ability to disperse light. Acts as a mild abrasive in products like toothpaste. Other uses include filler in silicone elastomers and cosmetics, as well as viscosity correction in paints, coatings, printing inks, adhesives, cosmetics, sealants, toiletries, food, and beverages.

Our Production Process

Fumed silica is created by hydrolyzing high-quality silane at a temperature of over 1000 °C in an oxygen and hydrogen flame. The raw material silane is made from metallurgical silicon, which is obtained by reducing mineral silicon dioxide (SiO2) with cokes, and hydrogen chloride. As one of the top-notch FUMED SILICA suppliers in China, we make sure that our production process follows all the standards. 

Performance Benefits of Our Fumed Silica

  • Abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Reinforcement
  • Anti-settling, sag resistance, and thickening
  • Anti-caking and free-flow
  • Enhanced absorbency

Being one of the credible FUMED SILICA suppliers in China, we offer many performance benefits through our products. 

Applications of Our Fumed Silica

In order to produce ideal shear thinning, enhance the end-use application, and provide proper rheological control, fused silica is used in laminating and gel coat applications.

Fumed silica is used for two main things. Different materials can have their strength boosted through reinforcement, allowing for a wider range of uses depending on the precise requirements of the user. Rheology control enables users to tailor the viscosity of a system to their requirements. Many companies use our fumed silica for many applications in the industry. We are also an Ortho Diaminotoluene manufacturer in China.