Ortho Diaminotoluene Manufacturer

Specification: Purity: 99.8% 210KG/DRUM,ISOTANK

Leading Ortho Diaminotoluene Manufacturer in China

In 2014, Suzhou Gould Trading was founded as a manufacturer of chemicals in Suzhou, China. We have extensive experience in the chemical industry’s supply chain, strong development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. Such high-quality chemical compounds at such affordable prices are not readily available. We are a reputable Ortho Diaminotoluene manufacturer in China. Our primary chemical products include N-BUTYL ACRYLATE, 2-ETHYL HEXYL ACRYLATE, and ACRYLIC ACID.

Ortho-toluene diamine (o-TDA) is a highly pure aromatic diamine. O-TDA has a color range from light grey to purple. It quickly turns brown if exposed or when stored in the air. It also has a little ammonia-like odor. The product is a solid at ambient temperature, and it is typically transported in drums when molten or as a cast solid.

Application of Our Ortho Diaminotoluene:

The synthesis of dyes, polyols, corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, and rubber compounds all use mixed isomers of o-TDA as intermediates. Additionally, ortho-phenylenediamine, which is more expensive, can be replaced with o-TDA in many applications. These applications include polymer initiation, chain extension, capping, and epoxy resin curing.

Safety & Handling:

O-TDA contains trace levels of meta toluene diamine (TDA), a toxin that can be swiftly absorbed via the skin and has been shown to cause cancer in test animals. Laboratory animals have also been observed to experience thyroid and blood problems after being exposed to substances that resemble o-TDA structurally. As a result, we, being a leading Ortho Diaminotoluene manufacturer in China, handles o-TDA with caution. We urge users to restrict access to information to those qualified to handle it properly.


O-TDA is stable and does not polymerize on its own. It quickly oxidizes when exposed to air. O-TDA has weak basicity and reacts with mineral acids to form water-soluble amine salts. These salts are more oxidation-resistant than the basic amine. Temperatures between 88 and 93°C (190 and 200°F) are the norm for o-TDA unloading.

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