Polyvinyl Alcohol Suppliers

High-Grade Polyvinyl Alcohol Suppliers in China

Suzhou Gould Trading was built in 2014 in Suzhou, China. Having years of experience in development, production, supply chain, and marketing has become a great benefit to our customers. We have earned the trust of clients from around the world because of our reasonable pricing strategy. Suzhou Gould Trading believes in creating value for customers that is long-term and results in win-win situations. We have a very professional screening process to hire our staff. They all have years of experience in their background which helps us take innovation to another level. This is why customers from around the globe find us reputable among other polyvinyl alcohol suppliers in China. 


Why Buy From Us Among Other Polyvinyl Alcohol Suppliers?


Our polyvinyl alcohol is environment-friendly and safe to use for our customers. Customers not only use it for detergent packets and laundry purposes, but also for industrial, household, personal care, medical applications, etc. All of this includes water treatment chemicals, food packaging, paper products, textile yarns, and unit-dose pharmaceuticals. With our polyvinyl alcohol, you will get elongation and exceptional tensile strength. Using our polyvinyl alcohol, you will find water-soluble, dissipative, and non-toxic properties that you might not find elsewhere. All these properties are what distinguish us from other polyvinyl alcohol suppliers and trimethlolpropane suppliers in China. 


Benefits of Our Polyvinyl Alcohol

Our polyvinyl alcohol acts as a barrier to solvents and oil grease and this allows packaging of material and unit-dosing that destroys other plastics. Have you seen laundry bags in the hospital? They hold surgical instruments and clothing and contaminated linens. They get triggered and get dissolved at a temperature (high washing temperature). 

Can you use polyvinyl alcohol to hold products that have water content in them?

Yes, you can use polyvinyl alcohol because it can hold products that have water content in them without creating holes or dissolving in the film packaging. 

Why should you purchase our polyvinyl alcohol?

The quality standards we use make our product’s properties stand out from the competitors. The outstanding properties of our polyvinyl alcohol are what sets us apart from other polyvinyl alcohol suppliers in China.