Tetrahydrofuran Suppliers

Specification: Purity: 99% 180KG/DRUM,ISOTANK

Leading High-Quality Tetrahydrofuran Suppliers in China

Suzhou Gould Trading was formed in 2014 in the city of Suzhou, China. Many companies in the chemical industry use our tetrahydrofuran as a starting material for a variety of syntheses, as a reaction medium, and as a solvent. You can also use our adipic acid as we are among the top-notch adipic acid suppliers. They use it to prepare special paints, fibers, adhesives, coatings, or recrystallization of specific compounds, extraction of certain active substances, etc. We are one of China’s top-class tetrahydrofuran suppliers. 

Why Choose Us Among Other Tetrahydrofuran Suppliers?  

Tetrahydrofuran can be produced through different processes such as the Reppe process, catalytic hydrogenation of furan, and oxidation of n-butane. The Reppe process is the first-ever traditional process used to make tetrahydrofuran but later on, different processes were invented for better results. Oxidation of n-butane is the simplest method and becomes of interest to us chemical manufacturers in China. 

Being among the leading tetrahydrofuran suppliers in China, our storage, handling, and distribution are the best. We store the tetrahydrofuran in tightly sealed containers like amber glass containers or drums. For distribution, we make sure to classify this chemical as a hazard and as an irritant for safety purposes. 

Qualities of Tetrahydrofuran

  • Many Industry Uses

Our tetrahydrofuran chemical is one of the most valuable chemicals in the industry. Companies in the industry use our tetrahydrofuran as a solvent involving synthetic and natural resins, fat oils, high polymers, rubbers, adhesives, protective coatings, inks, PVC, etc. 

  • High Solvency Power

Using tetrahydrofuran will deliver you the benefit of high solvency power for various organic substances. The quality of our tetrahydrofuran is what distinguishes us from other tetrahydrofuran suppliers in China. 

  • Versatility

Our tetrahydrofuran chemical is quite versatile which means you can use it for many different things. We supply our products at economical prices so you do not have to worry about your budget either. 


Why should you buy our tetrahydrofuran among other tetrahydrofuran suppliers in China?
The quality of raw materials and the process we use produces high-end tetrahydrofuran for our customers around the world. Buying tetrahydrofuran from us will help you stand out from the rest.
How do you store and transport your chemicals to your customers?
We store the chemicals safely in tightly sealed containers such as high-quality and durable drums and amber glass containers.
Is tetrahydrofuran environmentally friendly?
THF can have adverse effects on the environment if released into soil, water, or air. It is important to handle and dispose of THF properly according to regulations to minimize environmental impact.