Trimethlolpropane Suppliers


Purity: 99% min;

Color: 30 max;

Water: 0.1% max;

Acidity: 0.002% max;

Hydroxyl content: 37.5% min;

Crystallizing point: 58 min

Excellent Quality Trimethlolpropane Suppliers in China

The company Suzhou Gould Trading was founded in the city of Suzhou, China in 2014. We all know that it is not easy to find a good quality chemical supplier that offers a competitive price range. We are a renowned manufacturer of a wide variety of chemicals including tetrahydrofuran, polyvinyl alcohol, adipic acid, trimethylolpropane, methacrylic acid, 2-Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate, acrylic acid, Ortho Diaminotoluene, fumed silica, and Ethylhexyl acrylate. 

Trimethylolpropane (TMP), a colorless, hygroscopic solid crystal, is soluble in both alcohol and water. Our TMP is a widely utilized ingredient in the creation of polymers. It is also used as a conditioning ingredient in the manufacturing of varnishes, alkyd resins, synthetic drying oils, urethane foams and coatings, silicone lubrication oils, lactone plasticizers, textile finishes, surfactants, and epoxy products. This is what makes our customers find us credible among other trimethlolpropane suppliers in China.

Why Purchase From Us Among Other Trimethlolpropane Suppliers?

The provided trimethylolpropane is highly appreciated and used for a variety of purposes. It is only used as a reactive chemical intermediate. It is changed into several compounds that are used to make plastics, polyols, polyhydric alcohols, pesticides, medications, and scents. Furthermore, it plays a crucial role in the synthesis of propionic acid and n-propanol. Our customer service and satisfaction are what sets us apart from other trimethlolpropane suppliers in China.

Features of Trimethylolpropane:

  • Accurate pH value
  • Longer shelf life
  • Not soluble in water
  • 5% purity
  • Premium quality
  • High sensitivity

Specifications of Trimethylolpropane:

  • Hydroxyl value : >=1235
  • Water :<=0.05
  • Optical Reference visual: White scales
  • Solidification temperature : >=59.0 °C

Trimethylolpropane FAQs:

What is Trimethylolpropane primarily used for?

Trimethylolpropane is primarily used as a component in alkyd resins. In contrast, trimethylolpropane is used as a versatile monomer to make various coatings, including acrylate and alkoxylated trimethylolpropane. Ethoxylated and propoxylated TMP, which is made by condensing trimethylolpropane with epoxides, is used to make flexible polyurethanes.

How long do you take to deliver the order to a customer?

When a customer places an order, the customer service agent guides him or her through everything from the order process to delivery time. The order reaches the customer within the delivery time communicated to them. Being among the leading trimethlolpropane suppliers and 2-Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate suppliers, we always deliver on time.